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Eyewear Trends 2017

Minimalism, inspired by 90's and Scandinavian influences, has been back

for a few seasons - and this spring is no different. Stainless steel 

monochrome styles, combining with acetate temples.

Differrent variations of new colors you can find in our Exclusive collection.

What is TR90 ?

We are proud to introduce our newest collection of TR-90 frames!

Every pair of glasses in our Itavista TR90 collection has been manufactured

using TR90, an incredible new material that you’re sure to love.


Calando Junior - оправы для подростков.

Компания Optiland Eyewear, совместно со студией дизайна SP

выпустила новую линию оправ для подростков и детей Calando® Junior

Большинство моделей имеют 46, 47, 48 и 49 размер. Для производства

используется высококачественный ацетат.


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